Hodl Bitcoin’s seven-year anniversary today

To this day the word misspelled is widely used on the market, even more used than the correct form.

It is November 2013, the Bitcoin has just hit an all-time high, surpassing $1,000 for the first time. The community expects higher. They say, „go to the moon,“ but a country called China has banned digital currency, and there came a fall.

December was the month of despair, the digital currency fell from $1,200 to $380 in a fortnight. Would that be the end of Bitcoin? The bubble burst for good? Will it go up again?

Faced with several laments in the community about the fall of Bitcoin, here comes a random drunk making a post that would become legendary.

He just wanted to say that he was going to hold the coin, no matter if it had fallen or if it was going to fall more, he decided he was going to hold it and recommended others to do the same, but the typed text did not come out as planned:

„I’m keeping it“ (that’s what he meant).

„I typed the title twice because I knew it was wrong the first time. Still wrong.

BTC falling down and WHY HAVE I BEEN SAFE (HODL)? I’ll tell you why.

It’s because I’m a bad trader and I KNOW THAT I’m BAD. Yes, you good traders can identify the high and low pit pat piffy wing wong wang exactly like that and make a „millino bucks“ for sure, brother. Likewise, the weak hands are like „OH NO, IT’S FALLING, YOU SALE“ him and then they are like OH MY GOD, IDIOT, when the INTELLIGENT traders who know what they are doing buy back, but you know what? I’m not part of that group. When traders buy back, I’m already part of the market capital, so FEEL THAT’S WHAT’S ENGAGED, I’M NOT! Those provocative topics saying „Oh, YOU MUST HAVE Sold“ YES, NO, SHIT. I SHOULD HAVE SOLD. I SHOULD HAVE SOLD MOMENTS BEFORE EVERY SALE AND BOUGHT MOMENTS BEFORE EVERY PURCHASE, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT NOT EVERYONE IS AS COOL AS YOU ARE. You only sell in a bass market if you are a good day trader or a deluded noob. Intermediary people do. In a zero-sum game like this, merchants can only get their money if you sell“.

„I drank some whiskey; in the bottle it says whiskey, sue me, but only if you pay in BTC“

The above text was typed by a drunk in 2013, it has been translated faithfully, if you do not understand anything, congratulations, then you understand the meme.

This trader faced a rather difficult 2014, but a promising 2016, as the year was a good one for a „hodler“ (who held the currency without selling downtown).

The right word in English is „HOLD“, but since he was „disabled“, he ended up typing „HODL“, and became a meme.

Even today the word written in the wrong way is widely used in the market, even more used than the correct form.